Hi, my name is Johannes Emerich and this is my personal website.


I am a software developer at Prezi, where my job is to create tools and guidelines that help other software developers write large applications for web browsers. I hold a BSc in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrück, and an MSc in Logic from the University of Amsterdam.

While reading a book on wabi-sabi I got interested in the idea of providing visual guidance in a website more through its actual usage than preconceived structuring. Thus this index of my website is but a long block of connected text with hyperlinks in it. The number of clicks on each of the links is being counted and used to generate a heat map. See the above legend for information about the color codes. If you find this annoying, please use this overview.

For my Bachelor’s thesis I have written a Java-to-JavaScript compiler, hobbes, which I intend to open source soon. For now you can see a simple demo of hobbes. Years ago I have created Counting Sheep, a simple shutdown timer for Mac OS X’s Dashboard. It is big in Japan.

This webserver carries some older documents, like a list of dilly German words, a collection of poems by Jens Münch, an overview of past musical activities and a gallery of the transeuropean Le Gers phenomenon.

Johannes Emerich

Szív utca 20
1063 Budapest


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