Hi, my name is Johannes Emerich and this is my personal website.


I am a freelance software developer. Previously I built various programming language tools for web applications at Prezi to help other software developers write large applications with web technologies. I hold a BSc in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrück, and an MSc in Logic from the University of Amsterdam.

While reading a book on wabi-sabi I got interested in the idea of providing visual guidance in a website more through its actual usage than preconceived structuring. Thus this index of my website is but a long block of connected text with hyperlinks in it. The number of clicks on each of the links is being counted and used to generate a heat map. See the above legend for information about the color codes. If you find this annoying, please use this overview.

For my Bachelor’s thesis I have written a Java-to-JavaScript compiler, hobbes. You can see hobbes on GitHub. Years ago I have created Counting Sheep, a simple shutdown timer for Mac OS X’s Dashboard. It is big in Japan. There are some more of my open-source projects on GitHub.

Recently I discovered that participating in the academic discourse in computer science is worthwhile and not super scary, and have made contributions to workshops at SPLASH 2015 and 2016.

This webserver carries some older documents, like a list of dilly German words, a collection of poems by Jens Münch, an overview of past musical activities and a gallery of the transeuropean Le Gers phenomenon.

Johannes Emerich

Löwenstraße 54
70597 Stuttgart


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