1. Me Marcel And IDe La Soul
  2. I Just Don't Know What to Do With MarcelThe White Stripes
  3. I Don't Even Know MarcelThe Who
  4. I Hate Marcel and Want to DieNirvana
  5. Dancing with MarcelBilly Idol
  6. I Rape MarcelCaliban
  7. It Was Fear of Marcel That Made Me OddAlexisonfire
  8. Get Marcel ArrestedGomez
  9. I Caught MarcelParamore
  10. Best Imitation of MarcelBen Folds Five
  11. Only Fooling MarcelKate Voegele
  12. Little Argument With MarcelLow
  13. How Am I Not Marcel?Shocking Pinks
  14. Cry Marcel To SleepDel Shannon
  15. I Feel Like Marcel AgainBrendan Benson
  16. I Think I'm Going to Kill MarcelElton John
  17. With This Song I Will Destroy MarcelMoneen
  18. By MarcelLinkin Park
  19. I Don't Trust Marcel (With Loving You)John Mayer
  20. I Hate Marcel for Losing YouKelly Clarkson

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